Winning in 2020

Main Truth: “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.” Revelation 3:21

I’m not much of a slogan girl. Pithy sayings like “be all in” or “just do it” are lost on me. I am especially annoyed come January when my phone blows up with memes mocking public resolve to make lasting changes in our lives. However, like most of us I just can’t help myself. On the brink of a new year and a new decade, how can I not at least ask myself the question; can this be the year that I make a lasting change? Can I finally win the battle for my weight, spend more time with the Lord, or finally implement steps toward the dream I have carried for so many years?

When I think of resolve, I think of my daughter, Maddie. As a freshman in high school she was inspired by her small group leader who had just completed a year of ONLY drinking water to raise awareness for those on our planet who have no clean drinking water. She made a decision and never wavered. Countless times throughout that year I was astounded by her. She never struggled, never complained and never compromised. As her mother, I often forgot and would offer her something to drink that wasn’t water and I would be quickly reminded of her quest. She is now a sophomore in college, and I recently asked her how she was able to do what she did. I was waiting for her to explain to me how passionate she was for those she was helping. But that was not her answer. “Honestly Mom, I just like to win.” And if you knew my daughter, you would know how very true that statement is for her.

Winning. We love it. We love it when our favorite football team wins the Super Bowl, or the USA wins the gold during the Olympics or our political party wins the presidency. Winning is the best. But in order for someone to win, someone must lose.

Enter the deceiver of our souls. The word of God teaches us the Satan is a liar. John 8:44 tells us that “there is no truth in him, for when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Satan is all about the distortion of our perspectives. When life hands us a loss, the enemy is right there to capitalize on it. He whispers to us ever so subtly “you’re a failure, you blew it, look at who you are, you can’t handle it.” In our defeated state, its no wonder we adopt the worlds formula for our identities. We mistakenly think that star performance + accomplishments = a whole person. We fail, so we begin to see ourselves as failures which only leads to more failure. Try as we might by our performance, appearance or social status to find self-verification, we always fall short of satisfaction.

I believe the reason so many of us have lost our will to “win” is because we have been beaten down over the years by so many perceived losses and we no longer see ourselves as winners. Its so much easier to just not try than to suffer another loss isn’t it?

But the truth is if you are in Christ, you are a winner. In God’s kingdom, everyone has the same opportunity for meaningful life. Why? Because wholeness and meaning in life are not products of what you have or don’t have, what you have done or haven’t done. You are already a whole person and possess life of infinite meaning and purpose because of who you are - a child of God. The only identity equation that works in Gods kingdom is You + Christ = wholeness and meaning.

Do you know who you are truly are in Christ? I believe if we did, if we really knew, then we could move boldly into this new year and new decade with passion, perseverance and joy. I invite you this year to find a list of who you are in Christ and tuck it in your bible, tape it to your mirror and hide it in your heart. Then when the enemy of your soul whispers lies to you, you will recognize it for what it is. Resist it and stand firm in the truth of who you are; a woman who is complete in Christ, free from condemnation, established, anointed and sealed by God with a spirit of power, love and a sound mind who has been chosen and appointed to bear good fruit as His temple, child and friend. Sister in Christ, you are a winner. Not because of what you do or don’t do, but because of who HE is. Has the enemy stolen your identity? Let 2020 be the year you get it back! As Maddie will tell you, winning is fun.

Written By: Janice Seal

Janice grew up in the Bay Area in a broken family. She met Christ in the 3rd grade at a neighborhood gathering for kids called a 5 Day Club. The woman who led the club took her to church where she was baptized and received her first bible. In later years, she encountered the ministry of Young Life where she deepened her faith and felt the call to love others with the love of Christ as she had been loved. She now serves at Powerhouse Ministries and claims it is the highlight of her week. Janice is married to her husband of 24 years and they have three children all now in college.