Willingness to go the distance

Main Truth: "Even there Your hand will lead me, And Your right hand will lay hold of me."

Psalm 139:10

Are you willing to take a Journey?

It’s in our willingness to go the distance when God can do his most miraculous work in our lives.  We have to be willing to go the distance even when we can’t make sense of the journey. It’s in the journey where we see the face of God.

Right now, I’m placing one foot in front of the other on a journey and I don’t know the destination but what I do know is that God knows exactly where he wants me to go and that’s all the confidence I need.  This journey reminds me of Philip in the book of Acts.

There are three key players in this story.  Philip, an Egyptian Eunuch, and God. God knows everything there is about Philip and the Egyptian and by divine providence God brings these two together to change their lives because both of these people were faithful and willing to do God’s will.

A little about Philip:  He was a Jewish Christian, had a heart for people, he was patient & nurturing, and most of all faithful. In Acts 8:26 an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip and told him to take a specific road and walk the 48 miles from Jerusalem to Gaza.  This walk would take Philip a minimum of 20 hours and that’s not accounting to stop for rest. If God came to you and told you to go somewhere without details would you go? Would you go the distance for God? Philip didn’t hesitate to fulfill God’s request and God blesses him in a mighty way.

A little about the Egyptian Eunuch:  This man was in charge of all the treasury of the Queen of Ethiopia.  He was wealthy and set out on a pilgrimage to worship God in the temple at Jerusalem. This trek from Ethiopia to Jerusalem was approx., 1,583miles. I can only imagine what it must have been like to travel such a distance to worship God.  Sadly, as he approached the temple doors he was not allowed in; you see, he was a foreigner/ gentile and was not permitted to enter. All the distance traveled and denied at the door. I can only imagine the disappointment and defeat he must have felt as he climbed back in his chariot and started the long trek back home.

It's here during his long trek home that Philip and the Egyptian Eunuch meet.

As Philip is walking down the road he comes across the Egyptian Eunuch sitting in his chariot attempting to read something that he did not understand.  The average Jew of that day would not approach an Egyptian let alone a wealthy one in a chariot as chariots were seen as a sign of battle. Though this scene does not deter Philip because the Holy Spirit at that moment told Philip to approach the chariot and as he ran over he hears that the Egyptian is attempting to read a scroll of Isaiah (Acts 8:28).

While the Eunuch was reading, Philip asked him if he knew what he was reading and our God-seeking Eunuch answered, “How can I understand what I am reading unless someone guides me?”

Boldly, Philip climbed into the chariot and explained what the Eunuch was reading. He was reading Isaiah 53:7-8

He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; And as a lamb before its shearer is silent, So He opened not His mouth.

Philip explained that these verses were prophecy about Jesus and at this moment Philip shared the gospel and life of Jesus Christ.  While traveling together, they came across a body of water and the Eunuch desired to be baptized. To outwardly demonstrate his faith in Jesus Christ by taking part in his own symbol of death, burial, washing his sins away, and his own resurrection into his new life in Christ.

As soon as our Eunuch came out of the water God snatched Philip from there and the Eunuch saw him no more.  The Eunuch then climbed back into his chariot and went the rest of his way home rejoicing! The Jews would not allow the Eunuch to enter the temple so God brought the temple to him through Philip being willing to take the journey.