Welcome to the Cultivate Speaker Series! At the conference, we'll have a variety of workshops that offer tools to equip and empower your faith journey.   Speaker Series is an interview-style editorial about each speaker at Cultivate.   

Today, we meet Karen Meier, learn more about her breakout session (Living A Life Of Purpose) and, how God has been working out "living a life of purpose" in her life.

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Living a Life of Purpose will see God's biblical truths in today's contemporary way educates, enlightens, and empowers women to step out in faith, find freedom, and power to live a Christ-Centric life.

About Karen

Karen Meier, Living A Life Of Purpose, Cultivate, El Dorado Hills
Karen Meier, Living A Life Of Purpose

Tell us about your family.

I'm blessed to be married to an incredible man for the past 10 years. Together we blended our families and raised our 4 sons. We are also blessed in finally adding another female to our clan by the addition of a beautiful little grand daughter. Our family is soul deep. We may not have the same blood that runs in all our veins but we are tight knit and fortified. Thanks be to God who makes all things new and beautiful.

Tell us about your faith journey.

I've been a Christian for over 30 years. During that time God delivered me from my abusive first marriage. Deliverance also occured as God forgave and saved me from other terrible life choices. God was always present, always picking the pieces of me up. I always thought because of my mistakes I wasn't good enough to be used by God. How could God use a Hot Mess like me? Well, that's right where the evil one wants us to be. Living a defeated Christian life. When I hit the bottom of my Christian walk it was there that I finally placed Christ first in my life. Since then, God has shown me the power that is in grace. Grace that I had all along. Grace is our 3.0 power app. It empowers us to live a Christ-centric life. Staying plugged in I am free from condemnation and capable to imitate Christ's love through my life. I know that He doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Karen Meier, Cultivate, El Dorado Hills, Women, Conference
Karen Meier, Living A Life Of Purpose

When you were asked to speak at Cultivate, what was your first reaction? Why?

Some people may find this hard to believe however, God showed me that I was going to be a speaker. I simply saw it in my head. This picture just popped in out of the clear blue. He asked me. Who am I to question his choice? He said, go speak and I said, "OK".

When you heard what you would speak about, were you surprised by the topic that was asked of you? Why or why not?

I write a blog to inspire, educate, & empower Christian women. To know that our Heavenly Father loves us just as we are. We are accepted, chosen, & capable. My topic, "Living a Life of Purpose" is in full alignment with my passion to empower women.

Looking back up to this point, how has God worked out this topic in your own life?

He works this topic out daily in me. I stay connected to Christ knowing that through the power of his grace I am at my best. I can ignite change through my life. He is faithful to finish the good work he started in me. Since he is faithful than I will also be faithful to se