Cultivate Courage Workshop topics

Hello Sisters!

We hope this email finds you enjoying your summer and family and a break in the routine of life. We have been talking to you and asking the Lord for His guidance with regard to our upcoming conference and a pattern has emerged!

Often times, we can be bound up by chains of fears and lies, which keep us from stepping into the courage life God promises.  These chains are heavy, burdensome and we often carry them alone and in silence.  At Cultivate Courage, we want to link arms with you and BREAK some of those chains!!

We want to empower you with God's promises and stories of God's redemption in women's lives.  And, we want to equip you with practical tools in how to Cultivate Courage.  Will you join us??  We sure hope so!!

Without further ado, we are excited to announce some of our Cultivate Courage Workshop topics! The topics include Grief, Shame, Thought Life, Boundaries, Forgiveness and Daily Devotion.  We can't wait to announce our speakers - coming soon!

Have you bought your tickets yet? Early bird pricing ends tomorrow, July 31st! Get them know at

Looking forward to seeing you October 5th with tools to break chains!!