Welcome to the Cultivate Speaker Series! At the conference, we'll have a variety of workshops that offer tools to equip and empower your faith journey.   Speaker Series is an interview-style editorial about each speaker at Cultivate.   

Let's meet Kathleen, learn more about her breakout session (Achieving Balance, Having It All, Unicorns and other myths) and, how God has been working out this in her life.

Kathleen Barnett is passionate about equipping women to find that balance in the hectic pace of life and to appreciate their uniqueness as a child of God.   She spends much of her time over cups of coffee encouraging women to nurture their relationship with Jesus and to discover their unique God-given roles, purpose and vision. If you are a little frazzled, over-committed, or just too busy, join in as Kathleen presents: “Achieving Balance, Having It All, Unicorns and other myths.  

About Kathleen

Tell us about you and your family.

I strive to live each day as an all-in follower of Jesus. I'm married to my sweetheart Ron. I have two daughters, Stephanie and Aimee plus sons-in-laws and 5 active grandchildren. Most days, you'll find me having coffee with an old or new friend. I love traveling with Ron to see this beautiful world or to see my family and friends. And I love to hear a story to make me laugh. A little side note, I'm also known as the lady with the blue hair!

Tell us about your faith journey.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior as a child, but I didn't accept the gift of living in surrender until my 40's. Once I began to live in surrender, I began to embrace living a life of joy, defined as being content with Jesus versus a life of happiness based on my circumstances.

Kathleen Barnett, Achieving Balance, Having It All, Unicorns and other myths

When you were asked to speak at Cultivate, what was your first reaction? Why?

Nope! I thought, "what could I say to add any value to another woman's life?

When you heard what you would speak about, were you surprised by the topic that was asked of you? Why or why not?

I was not surprised. Balance, that's a topic I think about, talk about with women, everyday! It's a journey - because I never really achieve it!

Looking back up to this point, how has God worked out this topic in your own life?

I'm laughing as I read this question - I am a work in progress! God develops me daily - convicting me of my priorities, values and thoughts. I am an unfinished project! (LOL!)

Kathleen Barnett, Achieving Balance, Having It All, Unicorns and other myths

In what ways do you struggle with your topic?

It all starts in the mind. How do we frame the question, "Who am I?"

How has God worked in your life to overcome some of this?

Who am I? God keeps showing me that I am a Daughter of the Most High. I am unique and precious to Him. I am loved by the Source of Love . Some days, He speaks in that soft whisper...other days He has to yell it at me.

What do you want women who attend your breakout session to walk away with?

Balance and having it all - these are lifetime journeys. I'm going to share a few tools that work for me, simple tools that quiet the "self-talk" in my head.

Kathleen Barnett, Achieving Balance, Having It All, Unicorns and other myths

What are you most excited about the conference?

Seeing all the smiling beautiful faces and giving out some hugs!

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