Welcome to the Cultivate Speaker Series! At the conference, we'll have a variety of workshops that offer tools to equip and empower your faith journey.   Speaker Series is an interview-style editorial about each speaker at Cultivate.   

Let's meet our keynote speaker Jenny, learn more about her breakout session (Creating The Life You Were Meant To Live) and, how God has been working out this in her life.

Jenny Getchel is passionate about living a purposeful life in Christ. Jenny will be speaking on "Creating The Life You Were Meant To Live". If you have experienced an  event in your life that has sent you into unchartered territory and/or desire to shift your energy, mind and heart towards a different direction, come, learn and be changed.

About Jenny

Tell us about you and your family.

I'm passionate about my relationship with Jesus. I find pleasure to share Jesus Christ wherever I go, to serve, and encourage others. My husband and I enjoy our time together wherever we go. We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I am a Chaplain for Rolling Hills Church as well as Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy serving El Dorado County Sheriff's Department and Folsom PD. And, my husband and I facilitate a Grief Share program at Rolling Hills Church.

Tell us about your faith journey.

My relationship with Jesus is my favorite treasure, love and adventure. The Holy Spirit is alive and in action. My time in God's word captivates my thoughts, desires, direction, and healing. His word excites me!

Jenny Getchel, Creating Life You Were Meant To Live

When you were asked to speak at Cultivate, what was your first reaction? Why?

I smiled and was delighted. The topic on which I was asked to speak has been a big part of my journey and testimony.

Looking back up to this point, how has God worked out this topic in your own life?

God has brought me closer to Him, taught me to depend more on Him and has prepared me to share and help others through the many trials I have endured.

Jenny Getchel, Creating Life You Were Meant To Live

In what ways do you struggle with your topic?

I'm still an imperfect human relying on His amazing grace knowing He is the Author and Perfecter of my faith.

How has God worked in your life to overcome some of this?

He has surrounded me with other strong Christians. We are involved in bible studies, serving together and in fellowship.

What do you want women who attend your breakout session to walk away with?

A greater awareness of the extraordinary God we serve. To be equipped to face life's trials, develop a sense of purpose in following Him, and to earnestly seek to live the life God has planned for them.

What are you most excited about the conference?

The opportunity to meet new sisters in Christ. And, I'm excited to have the chance to cultivate, inspire and encourage the women to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus and to be filled with His Holy Spirit and newness of life to the fullest.

Jenny Getchel, Creating Life You Were Meant To Live

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Oct 6 | 800 White Rock Rd,El Dorado Hills